The Great ArtDoors

I'm up here in the beauty of Rabun Gap and the wonderfully supportive environment of the Hambidge Center.  These two weeks are needed medicine for my hurried lifestyle and I am trying my best to slow down and regain some of the inner silence so easily drowned out by the clamor of all things urban.  This morning I hiked up Owen's Mountain with my fellow artists in residence and a number of other poets (who did readings along the way) and naturalists.  We were led in a Native ceremony focused on health and thanks on the Cherokee ceremonial grounds at the crest of the mountain.  What fuel for the making of Sanity Ceremonies!   I think I'm getting a little less crazy with each inhale. and I am thankful. 

Here is a little photo taken by Dayna Thacker of a showing for Hambidge's Great Artdoors Festival on Saturday for which I was accompanied by exquisite cellist, Marie Dunkle. 


Off we go.

So I don't know much about web anything.  But I decided to give it a try with a mounting sense of, "I should have had a website three years ago."  This is my first foray into cyber land, or cyber cloud, or cyber bubble, or bubble gum (naw, I've chewed that before) or or or.... I'm not sure where it is but I'm adding my "site" to the billions in hopes that those who are interested or in need of finding it may hopefully do so. Here goes nothing.  Cyber dance presence and...GO. 

I'm thinking maybe if this site really takes off I can make it big.  Like, BIG.