--a one-woman, multi-media, dance theater production.--

"Integrating video, props and animation into her conception, Hale pinned her personal narrative to larger ideas of myth, ritual action and Greek folk dancing, showing its broader relevance. Ultimately, her inspired work demonstrated what it means to live a conscious, creative and joyful life." --ArtsATL

Photographs above by Bobbi Jo Brooks. Photograph below by Andre Keichian.

Sanity Ceremonies is a one-act, one-woman foray into being both in-stride and off-kilter in which I piece together colorfully layered conclusions about what it takes to find equilibrium in a hectic and baffling world.  The production takes form through a marriage of dance, text, video animation, costume, and prop use that draws from a range of daily rituals, archetypal figures, cultural idiosyncrasies, and autobiographical anecdotes, as I plumb the material of my own day to day realities as an artist, and the beauty and enigma of my family heritage.

The work stems from the questions:  Where do I come from?  Of what mettle am I made?  How do I orient myself when things don’t make sense?  What does it take to keep putting one foot in front of the other?  With Sanity Ceremonies, I aim to contribute a story that will translate well across a spectrum of experience by grappling with big but basic questions in a personal voice.  This is a challenging and exciting piece for me as director and performer.  I’m stretching my choreographic modes to communicate the humor, eccentricity, and absurdity of my life and to provide a playfully honest portrait of the day to day struggle to not just make it through, but to be brave and go big.

I worked with a fantastic creative team to build this show: Video Artist, Mike Boutté, Costume Designer, Amanda Baumgardner, Set/Prop Designer, Elwen Hau, Lighting Designer and Technical Director, Danny Davis, and Musical Wizard, Santiago Páramo. Sanity Ceremonies premiered in November 2013 at 7 Stages Theater in Atlanta, Georgia.