For the past year I've been a part of a professional development fellowship program for artists through WonderRoot Community Arts Center.  A couple weeks ago, as part of the culmination of that program, we 11 artists went on a five day retreat to Ga's Ossabaw Island--a place uninhabited by humans outside of a tiny handful of dwellers, island caretakers, and occasional visitors.  What a gift to be removed from the city and to be able to decompress, play games, discuss, vision, plan with a group of exceptional artists in what felt and looked like a different world.  I kept expecting dinosaurs.  We did see multiple alligators, along with hogs, armadillos, herons, storks, donkeys and all manner of other animal life.  At night the ocean was phosphorescent.  Sculptor Mike Klapthor discovered that one night when he thought to stick his hand in the water while we were out on the peer jammin' to a 60's Motown mix tape on Andre's multicolored kiddo tape player.  Somehow the whole trip seems well described by those golden sparks in the dark water.  

Now we're back in the city and back on the hustle getting ready for the exhibition this coming Friday.