what's going on with this space

I'm clearly not engaging this blog with regularity. 

I've been in a period/process of knowing a big download of new learning was taking place. Feeling like an overhaul was coming in terms of how I think of "my work" and communicate about it. This period has yielded some outward silence, as I've allowed focus to go toward the doing and not the sharing about the doing. But I'm in process (whew! --admin is it's own beast!) now of figuring out how to shift and update this site in order to reflect a desire to share some updated findings.

I've made a couple changes. You might come upon some new and more strident language on my "mission and process" page. Do I even want to call it MISSION AND PROCESS?! It's all up in the air. 

The tectonic plates are shifting. 

Alert: I might be starting to sound, errr, weirder. It's because I'm trying to get more and more to the root of things. To center around my values and discoveries in freer, more pointed--and hopefully more potent--ways. No need to be nice. No need to beat around the bush. I'd rather be robust than nice. Rather merge with the bush than skirt round. We'll see. 

Been thinking about what we're hungry for. What we need. As people, as a culture, a country, a world. Been working to continue to hone the skills and do the research that will allow me to contribute something of meaning, something that's got legs to stand on. It takes TIME to make SUBSTANTIAL things, doesn't it? It goes so far beyond stringing together some high kicks and special moves. It's a study, a discipline, a sacred practice to craft things that can hold sturdy when the weather gets wild. 

What have you come across lately that is of substance? What's holding water? What is bravery looking like to you? 


Meanwhile, messing with costuming for Sanity Ceremonies to be re-staged at Alfred University in the Spring.